Thursday, May 19, 2011

High School memories.

The year came to the end so fast; my last year of High School is gone. These last four year, or actually three (because in Brazil the freshman year is no considered High School) were so good and past so fast. I can remember my first day in my first year. I can’t define one moment or experience that was most important. I had such a great time in these years; all the friends, the parties, the trips, or even the simplest moments were just the best. However one great experience was this last year, far away from home, school, and my friends but it was unforgettable. Every single day, the routine to take the bus, go to school and do arts, what I love to do, go back to home and met a awesome family that was so good to me. It can’t be described in words. I believe that this year was one of the best experiences that I ever had. There is so many good moments that I lived here, moments that I’ll bring with me forever. I am totally honest when I say that I love this place and all people that I had the chance to meet here. I’ll miss all that so much.

Monday, May 16, 2011

An unforgetable year.

Today is May 16th and I just realize, these are the two last weeks that I'll be in Nampa. When it comes to my mind I feel like... Well these feelings are really new and kind of weird to me. This year was worth in every single moment that it had. For me what were more worth this year, what I'll bring with me for the rest of my life, are the people. These people that I met here will be with me forever! Each one in a special way. My host family, my friends, even my teachers all them in a certain way helped me and made this year be so awesome and special. I truly love here, it became my second home.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Show and Tell.

“The Brazilian flag is made and supplied by one of custom flag makers’ affiliates’ flag line. They offer the Brazil flag in various sizes and materials. The sizes of the Brazil flag are 2’ x 3’ – 3’ x 5’ – 4’ x 6’ – 5’ x 8’ and materials used are nylon or Ultra-Knit 100% Polyester.”

So, here I am again. My first reaction to this assignment was… I didn’t have any; I had no idea of what to show and tell here. After think for I while I decided to show my flag. Not just the flag in the original sense, but what this flag represents for me, my home, my country. This flag, in many eyes is just a piece of fabric something without any value, but for me it goes a lot further than that. Every time that I look to this flag I remember of home, my origins. It make me think that one day I’ll be back and my family, my friends, people that I truly love will be waiting for me. It gives me strength to live day by day in this country.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Break

My spring break was... Well my spring break was pretty normal, not super exciting but not boring at all. My first plan was do what everyone wants in a break, travel, but it didn't really worked how i was planning. I stayed at home, well my host home. In the whole break my schedule was: wake up after 12, watch a episode of Prison Break, after that i help my host father with some choirs and at last but not least I would hang out with some friends. Usually Erasmo pick me up and we decided what to do, mostly we went to Boise with friends or watch a movie. One of these days I hang out with a hipster friend too, her name... Olivia Grinder. Was pretty fun we went to a coffee shop were she would sing, about that place, weird music and weird songs, the coffee was pretty good though. We went to Urban Outfitters too, I just love that store and to end the night pizza in downtown boise. I had pretty good days this break but all them following this path. But how every thing that good dont last much,I had to back to school.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I draw, therefore I am

So here we go again... This post supposed to be in somehow related with me, myself and I. Kind of selfish it! My first idea was talk about my country, Brazil, but… I thought that this was too much cliché. Cruel doubt, after a lot think I decided to talk about the reason that brought me here to that school. It is, my love to draw and arts in general. Ok most of exchange students can’t choose where they are going but… yeah I didn’t choose either, luck or not so much? My love for art begun when I was a lot younger. Pretty much it happened when I just decided that I wasn’t good in most of existent sports. I was trying new things and so I found this art school in my city. For months I was just in love about that school and when I got in this felling just got bigger. I found out something that I was actually good. I studied for three years and after that I never stopped. So when I sent my application I sent with that a copy of an old drawing, my company because of that directs me for this school and here I am. And you know what? I just LOVE IACS!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Two ordinary weeks.

February, I cannot believe that is already frebruary. I past so fast, and in the 14th of this mounth will be my 6 mounths in US aniversary and it brought me to a conclusion I have just 4 mounths more. Its unbelivable how could past so fast. But in this two past weeks I've been thinking a lot about that. Just two normal weeks, nothing exiting but ordinary. Aways in my same routine monday thru friday classes, Satuday hang out with frinds and Sunday,you know, NOTHING. But thats the point, this two weeks made me think th why past so fast. And in those two weeks gave me an answer. It became a routine! Is kinda weird but I don't feel like someone in a foreign country anymore, I'm feeling at home. And after all that is the conclusion of my two last weeks: Nothing out of commum but a great conclusion.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

302 days.

My name, my name is Arthur Marques and I'm a foreigner. I'm a Brazilian guy in the United States of America. 302 long days away from home. 302 days living a totally different culture, in a family that i did not know before. 302 days hanging out with "Uncle Sam". In this blog I'll kinda tell my life in a weird and totally different country. Why? A English class assignment, yes that was not my idea! So will try to with my " adventures" entertain you reader ( what i honestly doubt that is more than one person). So do what you want to do and enjoy your self.